The Joy of Giving

The happiest people in life are the givers, not the getters. The feeling of giving someone a gift brings ultimate joy, seeing the smile on their faces when they open that present warms your heart instantly. Finding the perfect gift is sometimes a little difficult, but finding a gift that is non-toxic, chemical free, and safe for families just got easier. Below is the perfect gift guide for any occasion, these gifts are all natural, chemical-free, and perfect for anyone in your life!

Birthday Gift For Her

A great birthday gift for any female in your life would be Young Livings Savvy Minerals Essential Brush Set and Eye Shadow Pallet!! Who doesn’t love safe, mineral-based make up, with the PUREST ingredients! These colors would look good on anyone! You may also want to add Lady Sclareol Essential Oil, to help her with that feminine and relaxed feeling. When diffused, this oil is a game changer! Let her breath in that amazing oil and relax on her special day!!

Birthday Gift For Him

If you have a male in your life that has a hands on job or loves to work out they can benefit from Young Living Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream. With natural, powerful ingredients, this gel helps with minor aches and pains when applied! Another great gift is Shutran Beard Oil, it’s designed to adsorb easily into facial hair and give it a smooth, shiny glow! And last, but certainly not least, Deep Relief Roll-On. Apply for a refreshing, cooling sensation to help with relaxation and can even help with sore muscles!

House Warming Gift

Know someone who just recently bought a new home or moved? Why not help them get a jump start into natural cleaning. The Thieves Home Cleaning Kit, is the perfect way to introduce them into utilizing Young Living Essential Oils. This kit comes with tools to help clean your home, without those harsh chemicals! Another, amazing gift, no one could say no to, would be the Aria Diffuser. This stylish diffuser looks good in any home and has so many cool features! 

Engagement & Wedding Gift

Summer is coming, which means, WEDDING SEASON. Help the happy couple start their new life with the Everyday Oil Kit. The oils inside this kit can be used almost every single day, in so many different ways. The couple will be excited to explore Young Living Essential Oils together. The Vitality Culinary Kit comes with six of the most popular vitality essential oils, recipes, and utensils. This gift will bring the happy couple together every night while cooking something yummy!

New Baby /Baby Shower Gift

Is someone in your life expecting a bundle of joy soon? Did you know Young Living has a baby line? Well they do! Don’t gift this baby brand name products filled with harsh chemicals! Young Living Seedlings Gift Bundle has everything you need and its chemical free!!! This set includes baby wipes, baby wash, baby shampoo, and so much more!!

Teachers Gift

This school year will be done before you know it. Reward those teachers for putting up with those kiddos all year long with some amazing Young Living Essential Oils. Teachers are so inspirational and guess what, there is an oil for that! Inspiration Essential Oil is used for enchaining spirituality and mediation, and after an entire school year they’ll need it. Another great oil, Highest Potential Essential Oil, which is extremely uplifting and helps them get those kids to their highest potential.

Kids Gift

The Dino Land and Dolphin Reef diffusers are a cute gift for a child any age!! These diffusers would be a great addition to any child’s room and are so original. You won’t have to ever worry about giving the same gift as someone else! Young Living also makes KidScents Essential Oils, why not get them their very own oil to diffuse in their new diffuser!! 

Graduation Gift

May and June are the most common months for graduation! Besides giving them the typical graduation gifts, why not give them something unique and extremely useful! Stress Away Essential Oil would help the graduate destress after the stressful year! Maybe you know someone headed off to college, Motivation Essential Oil will help promote action and accomplishment while away at school. Keep them motivated through that first year of college! Another great oil to send a loved one away with would be Common Sense, it will help them enhance that rational decsion making when diffused into the air! 

Just Because Gift

Maybe you want to give someone a gift just because you want to show how much you apperciate them! Some good essential oil blends would be Joy Essential Oil, Friends Inspired Essential Oil, and Dream Catcher Essential Oil. Joy has a great aroma when diffused and would show how you feel about having this person in your life. Friends Inspired helps bring balance and energy to social circles. And Dream Catcher helps anyone chase after their goals! Shows your friends you really support them! 

Thank You Gift

A great thank you gift would be Sensation Essential Oil, let them know how much they are apeoricated and loved for what they have done for you. Abundance Essential Oil would also be a great way to show peace and joy as a thank you! Give a gift that is so unique and anyone would be grateful to receive!

Not only will you get joy out of sharing these amazing Young Living products with friends and family, but the gift recipient will be delighted to have non-toxic, chemical free, and natural products into their life!