Sweet Dreams

Essential Oils for Your Bedside Table!

Do you lay in bed, thinking about all the things you have to do? Are you snapping at people throughout the day? Feel like your struggling to do simple task? Chances are you haven’t got much sleep. We would all like two things, to fall asleep and to stay asleep! Young Living Essential Oils are a natural way to help you achieve these goals! They come with no downside or side effects. You can diffuse single oils or blends to calm you down and assist with sleeping, it only takes 22 seconds for essential oil molecules to reach the brain. You can also apply them topically, it takes 2 minutes before they are found in the bloodstream. And by 20 minutes, essential oils affect every cell in the body! Think about how much more sleep you’ll be getting… These are some of our favorite bedside oils that help you feel more relaxed and experience the much needed sleep!

Lavender Essential Oil – Lavender is a wonderfully calming oil and the aroma is fresh, floral, and clean. You can diffuse the oil by itself or blend with many different oils. Adding a few drops to a bath can help you unwind before your head hits the pillow.One of our favorites, add 10 drops into a spray bottle with a pinch of epsom salt, fill with distilled water and spray it on your pillow. You’ll be smelling the fresh scent of lavender all night long!

Frankincense Essential Oil – A great oil to add to your nighttime routine, Frankincense. It’s one of the best oils for focus and calming. Frankincense is often used to create a peaceful and meditative space. Place a few drops of Frankincense in your palm and rub on the bottoms of your feet.

Peace and Calming – A blend of Ylang Ylang, Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy, makes peace and calming one of the most popular essential oil blends. With its calming aroma, its great for you and your children’s bedtime routine. A great oil to diffuse after dinner before the nighttime routine gets started, creating a peaceful environment.

Tranquil Roll-On – A blend of Lavender, Cedarwood, and Roman Chamomile in a bottle that is easy to use. Tranquil is easy and portable, which makes it easy to travel with. Inhale or apply to wrist and feet whenever you feel like you need to relax.

BONUS: Ylang Ylang – “Flower of Flowers” is what Ylang Ylang means. At one time Ylang Ylang was used to cover the beds of newlywed couples on their wedding night, because it balances male and female energies. Also supports focus and restores peace. Diffuse this blend 30 minutes before bedtime.

DIY Coconut Essential Oil Rub – Make an awesome bedtime lotion with just coconut oil and essential oil!
Whip together: 1/2 cup Coconut Oil 3 Drops Valor 4 Drops Lavender 2 Drops Stress Away