Simple Summer Trip Tips

For people on the go planning summer activities, here are 3 smart ways to use essential oils to make your summer days more enjoyable. You’ll find them easy to pack and carry in a pocket or fanny pack!

If you’re not familiar, “Essential Oils are the most powerful form of plant based medicine,” says Dr. Axe.

What you have in a small bottle of oil is the complete natural active ingredient. No chemical fillers. Be aware that not all oils on the market are created equal. It’s important to know the source where the oils come from for the highest purity. Always ask questions.


TOO MUCH FUN IN THE SUN – Grab your little bottle of lavender oil and put several drops in your palm. Then, rub it right onto the affected skin area for comfort and to feel totally refreshed.

SNIFFLES, COUGHING, ITCHY EYES – On windy days outside, you may react to the dust and pollen blowing around. Try a drop of peppermint oil on the base of your neck and breathe in the oil by rubbing some onto your palms. Also, put a few drops in your water bottle when overheated or in need of some quick energy.

BEES AND BUGS – “Purification” is a blend of essential oils with citronella that works famously to keep little pests far away from you. Just apply it to your body on any exposed skin like you would any bug repellant. The difference is this oil application is good for your skin and not toxic like the commercial brands. It’s a win, win!

You’ve got it covered right here. Get revved up and ready to roll with these oils above and be sure to let me know how they work for you!

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