Reposturing Yoga Stretch Class

Private or Group Classes and Educational Seminars are available to book Upon Request.

For Office or Workout groups, Individuals or Family groups:

Sharon will come to you and bring unique muscle stretches and a flexibility workout geared to break up old tension patterns the body has collected over time from injuries or illnesses. Many clients report feeling lighter, stronger, and younger after a single class.

Education is the key and very important for good health. Learn how to tune into what your body needs. After a Posture Seminar, you will be able to read the signs of poor posture before pain sets in.

Have Sharon speak to your group or individuals who want to know more about posture, flexibility and the important role it plays in everyday life and anti-aging.

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When you improve posture, EVERYTHING Improves:

You will experience more restful sleep

You will enjoy increased energy

Aches and pains may subside

 You’ll look and feel younger

Learn simple and effective stretches to support your natural body balance and how to incorporate personally targeted stretches into your everyday life.

Instructor – Sharon Caren Posturist, Licensed Trainer since 1997

Health Educator and Business Entrepreneur