Pendulum Class

Learn to use and trust your Pendulum 
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Do you want to learn more about the Pendulum and how it works? Also, why using this ancient divination tool can actually make life easier? Here’s a fun and simple way to receive answers to life’s questions. Using the Pendulum is also a prerequisite for Akashic Soul Training Certification Tele-Class.

Here’s what the class will give you:
  • The key points to success while using this ancient tool.
  • How to choose the best pendulum.
  • Correct body posture while using your Pendulum.
  • Blessing and training the Pendulum you use.
  • An instructional worksheet to use and take home.
I’d love to show you how this simple tool can change your life. It’s fun and enlightening! I guarantee you will complete the class feeling empowered or you can ask for your money back!