Invite Sharon To Speak At Your Event!

Do you believe that health and longevity are important keys to living a happy and fulfilling life? If so, Sharon Caren just might be an excellent choice as a speaker for your next event.

Sharon Caren, founder of Sharon The Health, is a Natural Health Practitioner and Healer who has helped clients of all ages since 1997 with an excellent track record of success. She is available to share stories about her personal triumphs and life secrets with those interested in the latest cutting-edge methods to achieve superb health and longevity.

Sharon has a unique and riveting life story of how she found her life’s work in the healing arts after a life threatening accident befell her at age 27. This event is what brings her to this place doing what she does so well and loving every minute of it.

Here are a few of Sharon’s Credentials:

  • Certified My Nutrition Advisor
  • Posturist and Instructor of Reposturing Dynamics
  • Aroma Therapist

Here are important topics of current interest that Sharon can speak about:

  • Sustainability – Love our planet
  • Going Green – For good health
  • Anti-Aging Naturally
  • Great Posture – What will it do for me?
  • Seniors and Flexibility
  • Connecting with your Life’s Work


If you have a topic you don’t see on the list that you’d like Sharon to speak about, just send her a message to inquire about it.

Whether you want a quick 20-minute talk, a keynote, or workshop with breakout session, Sharon is a great choice as a speaker.

Contact her to find out about current availability.