Brain Food

In pursuit to connect with my true nature, I’ve discovered 3 simple ways to create a more calm and healthy lifestyle even in the midst of chaos. These discoveries aren’t new but ancient ones. I believe that’s why they are as effective today as they were thousands of years ago.

Our brain becomes so overly stimulated from this Age of Information we live in and can be a real challenge. It’s most important to reconnect with the body. Instead of being so “thought” focused, try going within to place attention on the physical body and begin to develop your own holistic practice.

Holistic health is the overall state of wellness on all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It encompasses the health of your entire being. It also extends to everyone and everything that affects you, including resources, the environment, and your relationships.

Give your brain a break and try something new. The practices below are food for the brain and for your soul. As you read on, it’s my intention at least one practice might speak to you and bring more peace into your life. Stay open to the possibilities…

Here we go:

1. Deep breathing is a practice I use daily and love teaching to others. You always have your breathe with you so this practice can be done anywhere and anytime. Breathe in through your nose slowly and deeply into the bottom of your belly. Then relax your jaw exhaling, again, very slowly while feeling your shoulders drop and your forehead and eyes soften. Repeat as many times as needed to begin feeling sensations in your body. This is how you’ll connect to the deepest part of yourself, the part that is all-knowing. Use this technique in any situation where you must stay calm (i.e. accident, trauma, emotional upset, anger, rage). Also, use it when feeling stressed, ill, or tired.

2. Meditation is a practice I’ve struggled with for years. Living the busy life, I haven’t been successful and feeling very discouraged. I know how important meditation is for the heart and soul. Have you had these feelings? I’m very excited to share this new practice with you that’s changing my life. It’s called Holocync developed by Bill Harris of CenterPointe. One of my dear clients who is an avid meditator starting using it over a year ago and has not missed a day since! And for me, a wanna-be meditator, I haven’t missed a day in over 2 and ½ months. The point is, this program can work for anyone. It’s definitely food for the brain. Ask me how I’m managing it and I’m happy to share. You can listen to a free sound clip, just click here.

3. Yoga most likely began around the sixth and fifth centuries B.C. and originally included religion, philosophy, and practices. You may know it best here in the West as a physical exercise practice even though it’s much more. The word Yoga in Sanskrit means to add, to join, to unite or to attach. I found this meaning so relevant I had to share it here. To bring your body, mind and spirit into harmonious balance, there are practices to become whole! I found a great studio here in my town, Pacifica Beach Yoga, with my favorite instructor Jami Bailey, teaching Yin Yoga. I’m now a believer in the value of a Yoga practice. It may take some time for you to find the right fit as it did for me and I highly recommend taking the time. You will reap the wonderful benefits after the first class when it’s the one for you.


To summarize, #1 Deep breathing can be used as a stand-alone and actually plays a huge part in #2 & #3 as well. So breathe work is a big bang for your buck J since I’ve been using Essential Oils for almost 20 years, I’ll mention how important the oils are in maintaining a healthy non-toxic lifestyle. Just like deep breathing, the oils enhance and support your 9 body systems. There are two Essential Oil Blends I use that are particularly helpful to enhance healthy brain function, have a calming effect and help with focus. They are Clarity and Brain Power.

How do you use oils? Put a few drops into your left palm and rub your palms together. Now inhale the oil from your palms, breathing deep and slow just as you did in the first exercise above. Frankincense oil can also be used to relax in prayer and meditation.

I want to hear back from you to find out if any of these suggestions might be of help.

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