Akashic Training Certification

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Calling all Light Workers – It’s time to take Action by choosing to express your divinity. This work is in high demand and so needed. There are Souls looking to work with you and you alone! I’m excited to share this expressive System of Soul Work with you.
You’ll incorporate the Akashic work into your healing practice, offer it as an added service, create a new business as an Akashic Record Reader and Soul Coach, or go through the course to deepen your own spiritual connection and transformation. In whatever capacity you apply these applications, your life will be full and transformed. Congratulations for taking a step on your Soul’s journey.

Click here for more details on the actual work you’ll learn to do for yourself and others.
This class is on going. Sign up and proceed at your own pace. 

When choosing a Mentor, it’s most important to find:
  1. Someone who truly understands how success occurs.
  2. Someone who has achieved the results you want.
  3. Someone who cares about you and your dream of success.

I love leading new readers through this program!

What you will receive:
  • Your Soul Work Book in PDF Format
  • 8 – 75 Minute Tele-Classes Pre-Recorded
  • 2 Q&A calls a month available when you pay in full for 4 consecutive months 
  • Receive your Certification to Access and Read The Akashic Record

Learn to read Akashic Records

With this training you will learn to:

  • Find a deeper connection to your true nature that is your soul
  • Identify soul group characteristics
  • Identify Archangel realms of training
  • Develop and trust your skill using the pendulum
  • Increase your percentage of accuracy with the pendulum
  • Trust your intuition (gut)
  • Open and increase your clairvoyant ability
  • Help yourself and others to embody the power we are all born with
  • Experience living from higher frequency and better quality of life

If you are not comfortable with using a pendulum or want to brush up your technique, click here to sign up for the Pendulum Workshop.

For more information or questions contact me!

Akashic Training Certification $2,699

Prerequisite to Certification Teleclass:

Akashic Record Soul Reading and Clearing $300


“Sharon’s Akashic Record training is the best out there by far in terms of the level of detail, explanation, content and support. You can build a thriving business based on what Sharon teaches you to do in this program. Whether you’re a novice or already have a healing practice, you can learn to do this work. Having Sharon answer questions for you is invaluable. I don’t believe there is a better Akashic Record reader around, so to have her as your guide and mentor is amazing. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to deepen their own work and help others.”- Lauren Brollier, Founder of Soul Savvy      

“I competed the Akashic Training Certification program taught by Sharon Caren several years ago and it continues to amaze me with its usefulness and pertinence to daily life events. Have you ever met a person for the first time and had an immediate feeling of deep closeness and unspoken understanding of them? As part of this class you will learn about your soul group family, their characteristics, past lives and contracts you’ve made with members of your soul family.  It is a profound discovery and one that adds depth to life. I’ve used the Akashic Training Certification to do property clearings, answer questions pertaining to important choices, replace protective shields, and clear away any impediments to living the best life you can. Sharon’s training is concise, complete, includes a workbook and recordings, plus time with Sharon to ask questions or clarify any subjects. She is the real deal!” – Alice Bull – Pacifica, CA USA