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Bring Your Spiritual Practice into Action

How would you like to live each day from a place of peace and connectedness?

How would you like to live each day from a place of peace and connectedness? This is “Your True Nature” and comes from the deepest part of you. When you develop a higher understanding of life’s mystery, everything changes. You’ll have the capacity to be fully connected with your true nature and personal mission here on Earth.

Are you looking for more abundance and fulfillment?

I believe you have a deeper knowing that this is your true nature but it may not be showing up for you. Do you think if you wish for what you want long enough and stay positive, all the answers will magically show up? Sometimes life can really suck no matter how positive you are, and bad things can happen to good people. When you develop an understanding of how you might be creating what you don’t want, I can help you learn how to course correct. Then you’ll begin to bring in what you do want.

You have access to get in touch with these answers. It’s not just a chosen few gifted psychics who have the answer. It will require you to take some action though. Because you are reading this, it signifies you are ready and I’m here to assist.

You are a Divine Spiritual Being having a human experience! Take action now and bring what you want to manifest into your life.

We are all great creators and with a good system, the possibilities are endless. In the physical world, we have the Internet (3rd dimensional) where we look to find answers. By reading the Akashic Records (5th dimensional), you have access to information, Past, Present, and Future and the answers from your Soul. This amazing work is the missing link that brings so much peace and harmony into my life daily. I’m very excited to share what I know with you.

I’m here to Coach and cheer you on! Which options below sound best to start?

All results from our work are given by phone and recorded on a CD for you to access.

Your Soul’s Beginning – Reading & Clearing – Cost: $250.00

In your initial report, you’ll discover where your soul began along with any personal training and interests relating to your life today. Also uncovered are any present life contracts, agreements and/or challenges that show up as old, troublesome energetic patterns that no longer serve you. These are removed in the clearing and you’ll feel different afterwards. Shields are placed around your soul that give off intense light and send a positive vibration into the Universe that attracts the sacred love energy back into your life. This high love vibration acts as a natural negativity repellent. You’ll gain deep insights and awareness giving you answers.

Property Clearing – Cleaning up your Environment – Cost $150.00

Similar to the initial clearing work, we access the Akashic Records to measure the energetic frequency in your living space, at your office or anywhere you spend time, to see if anything is present that doesn’t belong in that space. Maybe through unconscious choices earlier in life or even past lifetimes from you or someone close to you, negative energies are attracted and can hang out. You might notice strange things happening or a feeling of discomfort for some reason while in these places. Once the space is cleared, the property is blessed and light shields are placed that allow only the love frequency in. This work restores the property back to a healthy environment for the highest good of all.

Situational Clearing – Special Situations – Cost $250.00

This type of clearing can be useful for lawsuits, mediations or similar complex circumstances that involve numerous individuals and concerns. First, information is gathered on all aspects of the issue and, after that blessings are given to put the entire situation into alignment with the Light energy. This allows the “situation” to work out in the most beneficial way for all involved. Just imagine how bringing the sacred light/love energy into a collection of confused circumstances could make a positive difference in the outcome.

Animal Clearing – All of God’s Children – Cost $150.00

Bringing light energy to our beloved friends in the animal kingdom is truly an honor. They cannot speak for themselves and may count on us to stand up for their rights. Every animal has a soul. It’s very helpful to extend Soul Clearings to our pets or to other animals that come into our awareness. Animals are adversely affected by negative energies at times and the removal of these energies can profoundly improve their quality of life.

Learning to use the Pendulum

The Pendulum is one of the best divination tools to help you get in touch with your intuition, the all-knowing part of yourself. With practice, you’ll have the ability to read the Akashic Records. This practice can take the guesswork out of your life and it’s fun and easy to use. Step into your power, the strong and beautiful soul that you are.

This pendulum work took me to the next level of my spiritual journey very quickly. I was able to gain the neutrality and self-confidence needed to feel the deep connection to my Soul. It also gives me the ability to help seekers like YOU to build confidence with the information you receive and to trust it. Please contact me for a group workshop or a one-on-one class so you can begin to work with your intuition.

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Spiritual Health Coaching 90 min.

(Prerequisite: Reading and Clearing)

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