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Reposturing Yoga

Our regular scheduled classes are temporarily unavailable. We are searching for a new location. If you have any suggestions for a new location, please call me 650.359.6579.I’d love to start up again SOON!
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Private or Group Classes and Educational Seminars available Upon Request:

These special events are tailored to your specific needs.

Office or Workout groups, Individuals or Family groups. Sharon will come to you and bring unique muscle stretches and a flexibility workout geared to break up old tension patterns the body has collected over time from injuries or illnesses. Many clients report feeling lighter, stronger, and younger after a single class.

Education is the key and very important for good health. Learn how to tune into what your body needs. After a Posture Seminar, you will be able to read the signs of poor posture before pain sets in.

Sharon will speak to groups and individuals who want to know more about posture, flexibility and the important role it plays in everyday life.

Have her speak to your group or organization!

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